Welcome to the ActivInspire installation page for Linux.

To ensure you have a great Linux experience with ActivInspire, we provide installation via your distribution's package management system (eg via apt/synaptic on Ubuntu).
By using your distribution's native package management system, you benefit from automatic updates, automatic management of dependencies, and seamless integration with the rest of the system.

Ubuntu 12.04

ActivInspire v1.7 available on Ubuntu 12.04.

We recommend that your system is up to date before installing the Promethean software:


Install via a terminal (Experienced Users)

  1. Open a terminal.
  2. Copy all of the following text and paste it in the terminal; enter your password when prompted: cd /tmp
    (cat << EOF
    wget http://activsoftware.co.uk/linux/repos/Promethean.asc -O key
    sudo apt-key add key
    cn=`lsb_release -c|awk '{print $2}'`
    echo deb http://activsoftware.co.uk/linux/repos/ubuntu $cn oss non-oss | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/promethean.list
    sudo apt-get update
    )> install.sh
    chmod +x install.sh
    apt-cache search activ-meta
  3. If eveything functioned, you will see a list of installable packages. For instance, to install the Promethean software suite in English, type: sudo apt-get install activ-meta-en-gb

Install via Software Centre [Video]

  1. Download the Promethean.asc file from http://www.activsoftware.co.uk/linux/repos/Promethean.asc.
  2. Load the Software Centre.
  3. Click Edit | Software Sources.
  4. Ensure that Community maintained Open Source software (universe) is checked. Uncheck this option and recheck it to ensure it is saved.
  5. Select the Authentication tab and press Import Key File, then navigate to the Promethean.asc file you have downloaded and press OK, entering your system password if prompted.
  6. Select the Other Software tab and press the Add button.
  7. Enter the following text into the dialog box: deb http://activsoftware.co.uk/linux/repos/ubuntu precise oss non-oss Select Add Source and then Close.
  8. If you are prompted to enter your system password, do so and the Software Centre will be updated.
  9. Expand the Get Software option and select Promethean Software.
    It may take some time for this option to appear, as the Software Centre is updated.
  10. Locate the Promethean ActivSoftware Metapackage (activ-meta) in your language, then press More Info and Install, entering your system password, if prompted.
  11. After completion, you will need to restart your computer.